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 Trade service
1,sample combine shipment
have you calculated all the Money you pay for the courier(DHL/UPS/FEDEX)?will you reduce your cost of 90%?
Contact us immediately, we will combine different samples from China, and hand out in your country and city!!!

2,small order combine shipment
I have only 5 cartons of products. how to import to my country and my city?
Contact us immediately, we will combine shipment from Ningbo or near Area. And send to your country and city in low cost.

3. special product re-packing and re-production
You want to make the special products, but your supplier only can provide standard items, you want to find company to modify the products. Or you need special packing,your supplier is not willing to provide.
Contact us immediately, we will provide best solution for you!!

4,help to establish China office
You have so many products to purchase,but you are far away and not easy to collection.
Contact us immediately, you can own your office in China free!!

5,printing service.
If you need catalogues, but it is too expensive to print it in your country.
Contact us immediately,we will provide best quality printing with low cost.and ship it together with your products.

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